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A pair of high-quality invisible ink contact lenses is very good for your poker cheating and magic tricks. IR or UV Contact Lenses for Grey Eyes for Invisible Ink Marked Poker.

This Is Our New Infrared Sunglasses With Good Quality Http Www Salemarkedcards Com Infrared Glasses Shtml Sunglasses Glasses Infrared

The lenses stylishly designed to resemble common sunglasses can be worn to reveal your writing.

Invisible ink glasses. So invisible ink glasses also called marked cards glasses or infrared sunglasses which are also suitable for people with myopia. However we are honest to tell the users that with this kind of lenses you may see the. Cool and Fashionable Invisible Ink Glasses.

So far we have invented the third generation marked cards contact lenses. Invisible ink glasses are a kind of poker cheating glasses used to read invisible ink markings on marked cards. These products that motioned above all are helpful for your poker games poker tournaments.

This is because they have the capability to see the. This type of invisible ink sunglasses looks just like the normal sunglasses but it has the special function which can see invisible ink on the back of marked cardsWhats more this style marked cardssunglasses looks very cool and fashionable and it can see the invisible marks very clearly. 91 Save 10 on 2 select items.

Therefore it wouldnt be a nice choice if you only need one pair. Invisible marks that can only be read with special glasses or through a special camera. I know there has a website professionally sale these tools.

With this point marked poker playing cards are used with the infrared glasses. This kind of contact lenses is favored in quality with which you can detect the invisible marks clearly and easily. Because the whole invisible ink glasses are pretty complex with high expend and our glasses are mass produced.

It is suitable for bank recipt tax invoice Characterisic. The marked cards contact lenses are often claimed to be infrared contact lenses invisible ink or luminous ink contact lenses in the current market. It is invisible but glow under UV light.

Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay la livraison est rapide. Fast UV curing speed eco-friendly good adhesive good scratch resistance and high gloss Technical Data. Invisible luminous ink is applied into printing or writing invisible marks on playing cards.

They are also named infrared contact lenses. This is the perspective glasses works like color filter it can see through the invisible ink on the backside of playing cards. Invisible ink contact lenses are the special contact lenses to view playing cards with invisible ink marks on the back of the card.

Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de invisible ink glasses. There is exception if your glasses is not curved because it can be handled by our handmade. How Invisible Ink Works.

HQRP 365 nM FlashlightBlacklight for Glass Inspection Art ForgeryRepair tests Antique Inspection Invisible Fluorescent Inks Detection HQRP Sun Meter 1291 12. Invisible UV ink Application arrange.

Invisible ink glasses refers to the infrared glasses with special light can see the infrared ink marks. Because they are developed based on the characteristics of visible and invisible light the principle of invisible ink markings. We need to get help of some equipment such as invisible ink contact lenses invisible ink glasses UV invisible ink contact lenses infrared sunglasses or X-ray contact lenses etc.

With this kind of cheating lens you can. Invisible ink is one kind of special ink because we cannot read it by our naked eyes. It is short as IR sunglasses.

You can use the pen to write your message on any surface and know that no one will be able to read it without specialized lenses. The working theory of them refers to the spectrum. With invisible ink you are able to write in a spectrum that the human eye is unable to see.

Invisible Ink Marked Cards. Usually with naked eyes people can not see the infrared ink that only the special infrared filters can see. Our website is the most famous supplier of high-tech poker cheating devices we provide customers with invisible ink marked cards marked cards sunglasses poker contact lenses spy camera lens poker scanner and many other types of useful tools for poker games.

Under luminous reader such as infrared contact lenses and luminous sunglasses the invisible marks can be seen. The high-quality contact lenses wont hurt your eyes and also can.

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